Roake Studio - Kez Silver & Brass Coin Ring

Roake Studio - Kez Silver & Brass Coin Ring

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Minimal, chunky and smooth accent ring.

  • Simple coin shape.

  • Matt finish.

  • Sterling silver ring with brass coin. Perfect for sensitive skin.

  • Sustainable material.

  • Subtle brass sparkle.


Brass Care Guide: To keep your brass accessories looking wonderful, keep them away from water, cleaning products and strong detergents. Spots and droplets will remain unless wiped down and dried immediately.

These hoops are handmade in Cornwall, UK. Our jewellers use brass wire and sheet to saw, drill, solder and file into individually made pieces, meaning no two will be completely identical. We chose brass as a material, as the recycling process is less energy-intensive in comparison to other metals, and yields a smaller carbon footprint.