Beeswax Stubby Candles

Beeswax Stubby Candles

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Truly unique hand dipped beeswax stubby candles.

Beeswax stubby candles are hand made using old technique of dipping wick in liquid pool of beeswax.

Each candle is slightly different as beeswax settles and flows down the candle in a different way and rate. The surface will be slightly wrinkled to give the candle a vintage and truly handmade look.

Beeswax candles are made to order in a Hertfordshire apiary using only natural beeswax that comes from hives. No synthetic beeswax is used. No colourants, no additives, no chemicals. Just 100% pure and clean beeswax made by bees.

Stubby beeswax candles that come from this apiary are safe for children and pets (but please keep candles away from them for that extra piece of mind). Our candles are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Beeswax is the only sustainable type of wax.

Stubby candles are raw. Colour may vary as this is a natural product. Candles are unscented although there is a subtle natural scent of beeswax. Wick may require trimming and candles kept away from drafts in order to produce good performance free of soot.

Price is per 1 candle. A pair equals 2 candles (uncut wick).

Dimmensions: Short = 7cm, Medium = 14cm, Tall = 21cm

Burning time approx 2-10hrs + (depends on the chosen size)